Pie Crust by Grow West

Pie Crust by Grow West is an uplifting Sativa dominant hybrid strain that offers a wide range of effects including cerebral stimulation, euphoria, enhanced focus and creativity, mental and physical relaxation as well as an increase in appetite.

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Sour Diesel #5 by Harvest

STRAIN: Sour Diesel aka “NYSD” (New York Sour Diesel) aka “Sour D” MEDIUM: Flower POTENCY: Med-High (THCa 24.32/ THC 1.05%!!!)* PRODUCER: Harvest CLASS: Sativa Dominant Hybrid PURCHASED: Mission, Catonsville LINEAGE:…

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Wizard Gum by Curio

STRAIN: Wizard Gum MEDIUM: Flower POTENCY: Med-High (THCa 24.7 and THC N/A**) PRODUCER: Curio CLASS: Sativa/ Indica Hybrid PURCHASED: Mission, Catonsville LINEAGE: Blissful Wizard X Bubble Gum Much like its…

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