Northern Lights Shatter by Culta

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Northern Lights by Culta, Northern Lights shatter by Culta



NOTE: According to, Northern Lights, although credited with being conceived in Seattle, is a pure Indica strain descended from indigenous Afghani and Thai landrace strains

AROMA: Pine with some citrus and earthy undertones
TASTE: Hash, pine, more specifically Juniper pine with just a hint of citrus at times

Muscle relaxation, physical euphoria
Dry mouth, dry eyes, dizzy depending on how much one ingests

+ creates a state of mental well-being, relaxed, and dreamy
provides muscle relaxation facilitating mental stimulation
can make you very sleepy depending on dosage and time of day etc

insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, muscle pain

Northern Lights is already known as an Indica superstar capable of delivering a warm blanket of euphoria and physical relaxation with some mental stimulation for good measure.  The effects which are emblematic of this strain are only amplified in its concentrated form as shatter. 

In my opinion, Northern Lights is one of the most wonderfully predictable and useful strains.  It has a practical application with its ability to lull you into a deep and restful sleep.  But, as mildly stated before, the mentally stimulating effects of an Indica like this strain should not be underestimated.  It is quite possible that simply being physically relaxed can foster more relaxed thought, effectively jumpstarting mental awareness because your physical state is so tranquil.

IF YOU SEE THIS, PURCHASE A GRAM by all means…can’t recommend it enough for anyone suffering with lack of sleep and anxiety.  

The Long Way Home (my take)

I’ve purchased Culta’s version of this classic in Shatter form at least twice and I will continue to do so. It has become a mainstay in my medicinal routine. The exhale from this product is nothing short of wonderfully flavorful as I experienced notes of hash, caramel, pine, and more specifically,  an overtime of, of all things, Juniper leaves. Yes like smoked Gin.  What a pleasure.    closeup of Northern Lights shatter by Culta 

The concentrate/shatter version of Northern Lights is an amplification of the strain’s euphoric effects.

Immediate ocular pressure upon first ingestion with an immediate “body buzz” is quite evident.  The shatter version of this strain is known for are only intensified by the cerebral euphoria and bliss that Northern Lights is known for.

But it’s not all in the body with this strain. Northern Lights is usually a perfect late night or bedtime session strain.  But, I would have to say, it is NOT devoid of its fair share of cerebral effects.

Although less pronounced, the cerebral relaxation brought on by the Northern Lights intensifies the physical effects, but also lends itself to some creative thought.  I find this to be the case with a lot of Indicas.  I don’t think they get enough credit for their mentally and creatively stimulating nuanced effects. 

In one sense, an Indica’s physical effects make it possible for my mind to relax and cognate with more fluidity.  So, in that sense, for me Indicas can be just as creatively, mentally, cerebrally  stimulating despite their reputation as being the perpetrators of couch lock.

Turn up the lights: Make some Juniper Carmel Corn shatter-flower

I find one of the best methods for medicating with shatter, besides dabbing, is to mix it with some flower.

I say “mix” but really what I mean is to blanket a bowl of flower with a thin flattened round dab size wafer of  shatter …completely flattened between the fingers FYI. It takes some finessing with the flame, but what you can yield is nothing short of heavenly.

Also, I think it’s important to note that for me, personally at least, smoking the shatter with flower yields more of its cerebral effects in the forefront of the experience. I find this to hold true with the Culta Northern Lights as well. 

I ended up relegating this strain for bedtime medicating.  I added it to Indica or Indica leaning hybrid flower strains like Snow Monster, or Jelly Breath, and, of course, Northern Lights flower as well.  This will cure anyones inability to sleep or relax guaranteed.

LOOK FOR my future article on the best ways to mix different types of concentrate with your flower.

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