Ice Cream Cake Evermore

STRAIN: Ice Cream Cake
PRODUCER: Evermore
MEDIUM: Flower
THC 25.55%
CLASS:  “Indica Hybrid”
LINEAGE: Gelato 33 X Wedding Cake
PURCHASED: Ethos Catonsville 
ice cream cake strain by evermore on lid

ice cream cake strain by evermore 2
APPEARANCE; No doubt about it Ice Cream Cake by Evermore has to be one The most gorgeous flowers in Maryland.
Buds are medium sized in this batch, but what beauties they are.
Riddled with purples, greens, and even some white. ICC is ablaze with multiple contrasting colors and a very healthy coating of frosty looking trichomes, which are consistent lustrous milky white.

This batch definitely requires the use of a grinder to break down the rock hard buds.


  • Sweet-cake badder
  • Confectionary -Carmelized cherries 
  • Culinary – undertone of lemon pepper seasoning and ground black pepper
  • Kush – undertone of a perfume -like Afghan hash-type aroma


  • Artificial- artificial cherry pie filling
  • Sweet- slight creamy exhale somewhat like cinnamon sugar tasting

ice cream cake evermore



  • +cerebral stimulation
  • +euphoric uplift
  • +some initIal sensations of detachment that have a physical complement( BODY)
  • +some sensory amplification /intensification; mostly auditory
  • +Overall elevation in mood
  • +Increased ability to focus
  • Somewhat creatively energizing/ stimulating
  • +promotes conversation/socializing
  • + some perception distortion / sensory amplification /intensification; mostly time dilation where 3 minutes may seem like 10


  • +sensation of warmth coinciding w/ cerebral stimulation *^*
  • some mild ocular and facial pressure
  • /+ mild increase in appetite**
  • dry “cotton” mouth**
  • dry eyes**
  • + some increase alertness in cerebral activity and energy **
  • /+minimal potential for haze-daze**
  • +/ potential to somewhat feel disassociated from your physical body** **
    ^*^ may not be ideal for those who may deal with anxiety with onset of some cannabis effects such as hyper-awareness, anticipatory Excitement or mental stimulation that may provoke or agitate feelings of anxiety and negative self- awareness
    **in higher doses/IMO

ice cream cake strain by evermore on lid zoomed in

BEST USED:Early Morning/ Morning / Daytime/ Early Evening – this is a great morning micro dosing strain and equally nice in higher doses for afternoon, and/or just winding down after a long day.
The initial mental uplift can be socially stimulating however Ice Cream Cake’s power is in its indica body high- that not only calms nerves thereby providing more patience for stressful events. Ice Cream Cake is sort of an inoculation against stressful situations and events. However, this may be mostly true, after the initial cerebral stimulation is waning. In my estimation, Ice Cream Cake is a good choice for an Indica to micro-dose with in the early morning.

ice cream cake by evermore

Could help mitigate or alleviate. some symptoms associated with:

  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Lethargy
  • Anxiety / panic disorder/ panic attacks
  • ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

*NOTE: Ice Cream Cake’s greatest medicinal efficacy seems to stem from its ability to relax the body into state of calm so that the mind can also find some temporary respite from symptoms of PTSD, Attention Deficit Disorder, and generalized mental fatigue and/or depression.


  • Lends itself to a feeling of contentment mixed with a mild anticipatory excitement regardless of activity
  • Potential to inspire artistic endeavors/ creative pastimes/ hobbies (maybe initially but you’ll probably end up enjoying being a spectator rather than a participant)
  • Potentially socially/ conversationally stimulating from the BlackBerry genetics.
  • Gardening/ yard work/ etc
  • Misc- a good evening strain with a healthy dose of Myrcene onboard this batch


detailed image of ice cream cake strain bud

Ice Cream Cake by Evermore is an Indica dominant hybrid marrying the relaxing euphoria of Gelato 33 (typically a 50/50 hybrid) X Wedding Cake, a cross of GSC and Cherry Pie, both with Durban Poison genetics.
While ultimately relaxing and stress relieving, Ice Cream Cake hides a component of initial cerebral stimulation and euphoria courtesy of its Wedding Cake parent’s double Durban Poison genetics, which can inspire creative thought and equip the mind to navigate tasks with focus and intent.



I must admit, at 22% it took your humble narrator at least 3 hard hitting solo sessions and almost a complete eight to really get a handle on what ICC was doing for me or to me.

close up of ice cream cake strain by evermore.jjpg

Having experience with only one ICC’s parents Wedding Cake, I figured that I was most likely to pick out the Wedding Cake influence in this strain.

I was able to etch out the Gelato 33 influence though, Bc as I recall Wedding Cake does not have that much consistent physical euphoria onboard. To me, WC and CnC and Cherry Pie are rife with Durban Influence.

Yes, ultimately they are physically euphoric and sedating but there is a considerable amount of cerebral jolt from the Durban. It is more of a progression with the mental effects leading the way for a larger physical euphoria.

With ICC I felt an airy-chest-warming-eyelid swelling – body high almost immediately after exhaling and running along side ICC’s cerebral effects set.

So it was a very nice combo of relaxed and motivated that ran concurrent; the mind reassured in its exploits by the body’s mellow relaxed state.bud of ice cream cake strain by evermorejpg

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