Cherry Gorilla by Verano

STRAIN: Cherry GorillaMEDIUM: FlowerPOTENCY: Med-HIGH(THCa 24.11% ,THC 0.77%)PRODUCER: VeranoPURCHASED: Mission CatonsvilleCLASS: traditionally a balanced 50/50% Sativa/ Indica hybrid. NOTE: Verano’s feels more like 70/30% Sativa/Indica)LINEAGE: GG4 (Gorilla Glue #4) x…

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Purple Punch by Curio

Purple Punch is a very interesting Indica hybrid with an intense mental euphoric mental high that delivers potent energizing creatively inspiring feelings tapered by some of the smoothest, and most blissful, Indica body effects you may ever experience.

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Blue Cookies by Evermore

STRAIN: Blue Cookies aka Blueberry Cookies  aka Blue GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)PRODUCER: EvermoreMEDIUM: FlowerPOTENCY: Med-high(THCa 26.21% THC 0.25%) + CBGA, CBG, CBNA, CBCA, and TCVA and some less than common…

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Tropical Sunset by Evermore

STRAIN: Tropical SunsetPRODUCER: Evermore Cannabis CompanyPOTENCY: Med-high (THCa 25.57% THC 0.43%) + the presence of: CBGA, CBG, CBCA, TCVA and some less than common terpenes such as Borneal (anti- inflammatory/pain…

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